The teachers’ training took place in Paris in February 2020.

The aim of the teachers’ training was to show participants and pedagogical stakeholders, coming from the five countries how to implement our activities from the R-EU Connected project and to learn methods to talk about Europe at school (primary and high schools). Our project proposes two courses: Ode to Joy and European Citizen Initiative accordingly to the rank of age of students.

The training is divided in several modules. Each one aims at showing participants our activities that the partners of the project have experienced in classes and how to implement them in an autonomous way. It provides several methods and alternative activities so that every course can be adapted to the level of students, national educational background etc.

The training explains and shows participants how to build such courses or activities from the need analysis to fit the students’ specific needs, to the leading of workshops and proposes ways to talk about Europe, diversity, but also how to bring theorical knowledge to them. It also counsels on how to organize a dissemination event, how to draw attention on the project by approaching experts, medias etc.

Debate and exchange between professionals are also important elements of this training: Cultural-exchange times allowed participants to share their experiences led in their countries as well as good practices and think about new ways to talk about EU and to raise awareness on citizenship. For example, participants visited the Immigration Museum in Paris, the Europe Direct Information Center… that helped them to reflect on EU citizenship and exchange between each other.

The training has been advertized on social media, the webpages of the partners and Erasmus+ platforms, it allowed to increase the number of participants the the organisations involved.

Here you will find some pictures and the programme of the training