Partners’ meeting in Warsaw, Poland
Partners' meeting in Warsaw

Partners’ meeting in Warsaw, Poland

Last week of January 2019 we had pleasure to host second international partner’s meeting in Warsaw. This time we talked about common European values ​​and ways of teaching them.

Together with partners we were seeking answers to the questions:

  • what does Europe and European life mean to young people today?
  • does being in the European Union means the same for French, Polish or Greek students?
  • what kind of advantages and possibilities they see as a students who live in EU?
  • what are the values mentioned ​​in Ode to joy?
  • do we need European education subject in school?
  • how to make young people aware that issues which are important to them locally, can be solved on a global scale?

After two days of consultations, conversations and exchanging experiences between partners, we were able to develop an outline of lesson plans, universal for each country which covered the most important for all issues ​​and values.

The materials which we will create together, will help school teachers to broaden their knowledge of the functioning of the European Union among students and better understand the ideas and principles behind EU membership.

Each school participating in the R-EU-Connected project will receive from us such sets of materials adapted to their educational level. Can’t wait to test them!