Partners’ meeting in Heraklion, Greece
Heraklion partners' meeting

Partners’ meeting in Heraklion, Greece

The third Transnational Meeting of the partners in the ERASMUS+ Project ‘R-EU-Connected’ took place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of July 2019 in the Chamber of Heraklion Prefecture, in the centre of the town. The participant countries were represented by two or more members of each organisation. Christine Maretheu and Auriane Maunier from la Ligue de l’ Enseignement (France), Sergio Bargelli, Gabriele Violini and Simone Petrucci from the association Tempo Scelto (Italy), Martina Horvat and Lucija Dumančić from GONG (Croatia), Agata Łuczyńska and Anna Gilla from Fundacja Skola (Poland) and Aspasia Karali, Anna Xanthaki, Lily Daka, Sofia Charalampaki, Maria Zografou and Konstantina Vlachou from the Music School of Heraklion (Greece).

During these two days, the participants had the opportunity to share their experience of the activities already realised in each country, through short presentations and further discussion on them. More specifically, they presented:

  • The activities so far realised in the classrooms of primary and secondary schools, both relevant to the Ode of Joy and to the ECI.
  • The preparation (learning, rehearsals, etc.), the open concerts and the recordings of the Ode of Joy, that took place during the first year of the Project in each country.
  • The Decoders Event that each country had organised.

They also worked together on the midterm report of the Project, that should be deposited to the French National Agent in the end of the summer.  Sharing into groups, they worked on the Ode of Joy and on the ECI activities, teacher’s and student’s books, exchanging ideas and practices, in a very pleasant and productive way.

Finally, they also put some first guidelines for the next meeting, which will take place in Zagreb on December 2019 and the training in Paris, on February 2020.

In general, the meeting was totally successful, since all the participants had a good cooperation in a friendly, inspiring and productive atmosphere, achieving the goals of the project and strengthening their group.