Countries involved
Months (duration of the project)
Students involved

4 key objectives

  • Encourage cooperation

  • Implement innovative practices

  • Take part in the quality of education and training systems as well as in acquisition of competences and young people’s employability

  • Modernise institutions and enhance societal innovation

More specifically, the project aims at familiarising students with the European identity.

Students and pupils will learn about the main steps of the European construction, its initial objectives, milestones and the successive accessions steps. The symbols and values of the EU, which bring together citizens, will also be at the core of the project. Additionally, students will participate in simulations of decision-making processes, to get to know the democratic process of European directives;

Youngsters will also learn about citizenship by developing oral skills, such as argumentation, critical thinking, listening, speaking in public etc.

Teachers will receive trainings so as to develop non-formal education paths on European citizenship

The projet will be open to everyone too, since one will have the possibility to raise questions and expectations vis-à-vis European institutions.