Event in Italy

The organization Tempo Scelto, in collaboration with the Municipality of Castiglione del Lago and the University of Perugia, organized a meeting with expert in the field of European Union and European policies.
Due to the Covid restrictions only 50 people attended the event.
The session started with Sergio Bargelli (President of Tempo Scelto) and Simone Petrucci (Vice President of Tempo Scelto) that introduced the R-Eu Connected project: objectives, activities, partners and developed tools.
The Mayor of Castiglione and the President of the Union of Municipalities of Trasimeno talked about the importance of European Union for this area, in term of investments, infrastructures, cultural and social events and school life.
We had the honour to guest Marina Sereni (Vice Minister of Foreigner Affairs and International Cooperation) who was talking about the Faro Convention (for the importance of the role of the local communities to enhance and protect local heritage). She also explained to the participants what ECI is.
The professor Leonardo Ventura, manager in the Minister for Culture and Education, explained the importance of European Union and Commission in these 2 field. He presented some best practices of the Italian Minister in terms of cooperation in Cultural, Heritage and Education fields.
Cristina Strappaghetti from Europe Direct office of Perugia talked about the opportunities promoted by the Europe Direct Offices, like trainings, meetings, information, seminars.
Daniele Parbuono, professor at the University of Perugia showed some European and International Projects (with China) he was responsible for. The projects were focused in the field of Anthropologic research.
Simone Petrucci, from the European Lab of the Municipality of Castiglione del Lago showed some Erasmus+ and Europe for citizen projects developed in Castiglione del Lago, for adults, students and youth.
Mariella Morbidelli, trainer Erasmus+ made a presentation of the training we developed, in collaboration with the Ligue de l’Enseignement of Paris, under the project R-Eu Connected.
After these interventions, we had a nice music break organized by the Music School of Trasimeno, the first live event after the lockdown for the Covid emergency.
After that we invited the participants to ask questions to the guests. Among the participants were present students from the University of Perugia, responsibles of NGOs, administrative e political delegates, teachers and professors, headmasters.

The questions were focused overall on:

– The new European Programme 2021-2027;

– The importance of Europe for the conservation of heritage and cultural places;

– The opportunity offered by Europe to the local schools;

– The opportunity offered by Europe to NGOs, Municipalities, and small enterprises;

– The Convention of Faro and the opportunities for local communities;

- Immigration

- Financial questions on recovery fund and European support in period of crisis.